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E- Cig – A Healthy Alternative of Your Smoking Passion

Every person is well aware of normal cigarettes but few people are know about electronic cigarettes except the chain smokers. These are an alternative of the common cigarettes and are also known as E-cig. It is free of tobacco and contain a cartridge ,atomizer with a battery which is rechargeable. Electronic cigarettes have variety of flavors.


Its main aim is to offer the people who are addicted to nicotine an alternative way to smoking. It helps the smokers to stop smoking and it looks similar to the normal cigarette but when you look inside it you will get to know the main difference. It heats up the nicotine and turn it into vapors. These vapors has many advantages as compared to the common cigarette. They can be purchased on line without the proof that how old are you.

An e cig can be used again this is the biggest advantage as compared to the common cigarette which cannot be used again. Another advantage is that you don’t need lighter to for its use and they also don’t have any smell. It saves you from many carcinogens, which are in the normal cigarette. It is good for environment because it doesn’t pollute the air like a normal cigarette. It helps people to leave to habit of smoking. More over it has a battery system so it doesn’t finishes like a traditional one. Cartridges used in it are also cheaply available. It is a healthy and safest approach although no cigarette is safe but it is not that harmful and because of its safety it is known as the best cigarettes for smokers.


E cigarettes are similar to normal cigarettes and contain nicotine but it doesn’t spread poison in body. When you use a normal cigarette because of it your teeth turn yellow, you have a smelly mouth and breath but electronic cigarette are free from all these problems. If you want to get rid of your smoking habit and looking for an alternative way electronic cigarette is the best way. It is becoming common in society day by day. It has many brands like Bull smoke, v2 cigs, Green smoke electronic cigarette brand etc but these are among the best one. They cost half of the normal cigarettes. They are often available in kits along with cartridges. Before you get one check out this article about side effects from vaping i found on twitter.

Moreover electronic cigarettes has become a fashion statement among ladies and gents both. No doubt e cigarettes are not good either but they are way better then smoking a cigarette with tobacco, tar etc. E cigarettes contains flavor, water vapor, nicotine or some non toxic additives but it doesn’t have tar or any additive in it or ash. Your clothes, house and environment doesn’t smell when you use an e cigarette. Smoking is an addiction and one can’t easily get rid. It is dangerous for your lungs and may cause cancer. So if you can’t leave smoking, you can simply switch from using a common cigarette to e cigarette which is way better and less damaging with so many advantages.

Musician stars have switched to e cigarette and include:
Barry Manilow
Paul Weller
Katy Perry
Robbie Williams
Dominic Howard

How To Hold A Guitar

Before learning to play the guitar the most fundamental skill necessary to know first is holding a guitar. With the fact that comfort is a priority, the right technique will ensure one to pay in the right technique needed to produce the right notes with ease. In this case whether you are playing an electric or acoustic guitar, this is how to hold a guitar while sitting.

Find the appropriate chair

The best chairs to use when holding a guitar while playing are chairs that have a hard back with no armrests. This will ensure that you can be able to reach the strings and frets without struggle. However ensure that the chair will still be comfortable for you when you sit at the very edge, and your legs are straight. With most music stores selling guitar stools, it will be easy to get a guitar stool.

Adjust the guitar correctly

Holds the guitar as close to your body as possible, with the smallest string towards the floor while the biggest string closest to the ceiling. Ensure that the base of the guitar is on your dominant side, as your dominant hand will be used as the strumming hand.

hold a guitar

Balance guitar on your thigh

When seated you want to have the guitar rest on the thigh of your dominant side. Ensure that your knee is bending at a right angle and your non-dominant side flat on the floor. To keep from shaking the non-dominant leg should be slightly back and the back completely straight. However to ensure that you are sitting correctly, try to feel out the guitar a few times to ensure that it feels comfortable.

Angle neck upwards

For a guitars neck to be called properly held it should be at a 45 degree angle. This is because it is the most comfortable way to hold it, while learning to play the guitar. However once you learn how to play you can always hold it the way you want.

Secure the body

The body of the guitar should be secured with the forearm and elbow from your dominant hand. The back of your guitar should be touching the upper body while still tight to the body. To see the fretboard and string better, hold them perpendicular to the ground. The wrist should always be at the bridge of the guitar; however it should be lose enough to comfortably fall on your lap while playing.

Balance the neck at hand

With the guitar close to the torso as soon as possible, hand on the neck of the guitar will come almost effortlessly. However to keep it steady between your thumb and forefinger, hold it on the thigh of your dominant side. Still with some guitars having an indication of where one is to place their thumb, one should be careful not to go overboard and wrap their thump around.

All in all remember to keep the back straight as possible. This is for the simple reason slouching will lead to poor guitar techniques that will lead to sloppy sounds. After learning to hold the guitar, playing the notes will be easier.

Learning playing the guitar

Learning playing the guitar

Playing musical instruments is considered an extra impressive factor in individual’s personality. The guitar is one of the most common tools for beginners to start with. No wonder, it’s easy to learn. Impressing crowds with songs by plucking away at the open strings on the guitar, then move with the cords, unusual patterns, and much more.

Whether you are on a rock show, play at a coffee house, or spending quality time alone, learning guitar is a fantastic goal. The guitar is a great instrument, portable, inexpensive, easy to learn the basics. Lots of individuals – from children to old age- learn playing the guitar on the daily basis. If you wish to learn the guitar, here are the few basic tips you need to know and work on:

• Practice

Practice makes a man perfect, how much you need to practice? Half an hour or an hour a day will be enough if you’re a serious learner. Training on the daily basis, learn to develop the finger memory, this would be hard to the start; constant practice will help to improve it.

· Find a Way to Stay Motivated

Learning to play guitar is not easy to the outset. To begin with, you will feel terrible sounds and often uncoordinated; you might lose motivation and end up in depression. After several hours of practice, you will end up learning nothing. Although, your family might encourage the first day. However, this won’t continue for long. Thus, better to keep self-motivation, this will help to learn at a fast pace. Remember! You don’t need any individual to motivate; motivation lies inside the character.

Learn the Basic Skills the Right Way

Playing guitar requires a combination of skills. Take enough time to learn the necessary skills, and learn them properly. Get a better mentor with extensive experience. Don’t be in a hurry and skip the basics.

guitar playing

· Play in Time

Social media is always a good teacher in learning things. Tons of tutorials are available on Dailymotion and YouTube. However, proper synchronization is required to learn the keynotes and perform them on guitar at same. Learning pauses and rhythm and making them coordinate with fingering the cords is a best practice.

· Learn to Listen

Listening is considered a high-rated skill, more than anything else it will help you become a great player. Try looking others, both live and albums, sort of guitar they are playing, what kind of notes they are working on to achieve?

· Learn Some Music Theory

Music theory is same as academic learning. Some love it, and some hate it. Especially when you combine theory with practical, knowledge is more profound, and you will see changes. You should know the names of notes on each string; it’s worth learning the notes along each string.

· Buy a Guitar

It’s extremely tuff to practice regularly unless you own a guitar. It is recommended you buy the best guitar you can afford if you wish to learn electric guitar, considering buying an amplifier as well. What you want is a guitar that sounds good when you play good, and look bad when you play the same. Some people have guitars that sound wrong even though they play well. Make sure; you tune the guitar in the right tone, or it will play something else you don’t want to hear.

Have Fun!

Finally, keep in mind why you are learning the guitar. You learn it for your enjoyment, always remember to have fun! Not get more depressed rather. The more you stay healthy and calm, greater are the chances of learning it fast. Moreover, beware of the risks. In some cases, you can injure your hands while playing a cord hard enough, so be swift while playing.


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