Stupid Guitar “Rules” – Strict Alternate Picking

I grew up trying to figure out how my favorite monster guitarists (Vai, EVH, Lynch, Yngwie, etc.) managed to pull off all their crazy pyrotechnics, and nothing was more perplexing than picking hand mechanics. I read countless magazine articles, watched tons of instructional videos and pored over tablature transcriptions for any clue as to what… Continue Reading »

The “Other Fingers Method” For Finger Independence is all about challenging conventional wisdom to come up with better and more efficient ways of improving as a guitar player. Today I’d like to share with you an incredibly simple exercise you can do to increase the independence of your fretting hand fingers. I call it the Other Fingers Method of finger independence… Continue Reading »

Groups: The Amazing Benefits of Just Playing a Few Notes at a Time

The author of today’s article is Randy Constan (Peter Pan). Randy is a man of many talents and interests: engineer, musician, philanthropist. You can check out Randy’s music at If you are trying to become a more relaxed and accurate guitar player at progressively higher tempos, here’s a new tool for your collection that… Continue Reading »

Queensryche (self titled) Review

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the latest release from the Geoff Tate version of Queensryche. Now that the self titled release from the “everyone else” version of Queensryche (Michael Wilton, Scott Rockenfield, Eddie Jackson, Parker Lundgren, Todd La Torre) is available, it’s time for a Queensryche steel cage match! If you haven’t been… Continue Reading »