WhyISuckAtGuitar.com – How To Get Better At Guitar

My name is Dan Vuksanovich, and WhyISuckAtGuitar.com is my site devoted to showing you how to get better at guitar. I created it specifically for people who have been playing the guitar for a while but are having problems getting better. The free lessons on this site will dive deeply into the various problems that can prevent you from getting better at guitar and give you real, actionable advice on how to improve. Many teachers will only show you what to play. I’ll show you how to play.

How is WhyISuckAtGuitar.com different from other sites offering free guitar lessons?

WhyISuckAtGuitar.com focuses on problems and their solutions. If you’ve got a problem that’s preventing you from getting better, I’ll help you solve it. Got problems with your technique? I’ve got you covered. Want to overcome stage fright? I can help you there too. Want to learn how to build scales and chords? Done. Just starting out and looking for some guitar lessons for beginners? I’ve got those too.

Where should I start?

Since you’ve got the mouse in your hand, you can start wherever you want, but I would recommend starting with the guitar problem solving basics. Sometimes these three lessons alone will start you on your way toward rapid guitar improvement.

What kind of idiot calls his guitar lessons site WhyISuckAtGuitar.com? Aren’t you supposed to to convince me that you’re a guitar god?

This kind of idiot… and no… I will not be attempting to convince you that I’m [insert guitar god of your choice here]. See, I’ve spent a lot time and effort solving my own guitar problems. I’m a work in progress, and I’m documenting my improvement in real time for your benefit. Most of the great guitarists got really good years (maybe even decades) ago. In a lot of cases I’ve found that guitar gods have forgotten some of the steps they had to take on their way to greatness (or maybe they never even noticed certain steps because they were so ****ing talented). In other words, I’m getting inside what it takes to get better  at guitar and using myself as the guinea pig. You’re welcome.

What makes you think you can show me how to get better at guitar?

I’ve got both Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees in classical guitar performance… so I’m actually not an idiot… I was just kidding. For years I’ve had all the knowledge I’ve needed to get really good at guitar, but I never really “got it” until I started using problem solving as a methodology for improvement. So if you’ve been struggling to get better, I’ve been where you are. I even quit for a while. Now I’m getting better rapidly and enjoying myself as well. Still skeptical? Check out a testimonial. Feel better? Then let’s get started. Check out the guitar problem solving basics and I’ll start showing you how to get better at guitar right now.